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We provide decision support services to corporate and financial firms, helping them to navigate the rapidly changing and increasingly complex energy landscape.  We turn analysis and insight into actionable plans and support their delivery.  

Market Research. 

We provide evidence based analysis through primary and secondary research, supported by quality data, to provide demand, supply, and commercial analysis.


  • Macro trends and future scenarios.

  • Market assessment, segmentation, sizing and forecast modelling.

  • Competitive assessment and technology watch.

  • Customer perceptions and referencing.

  • New market entry.

  • Gaining insights for growth strategy.

Growth Strategy.

This is where we put our market and commercial insight into practice, supporting firms in reviewing growth options by market, sector, region, or service line.  We invest in understanding your capability, differentiation, constraints, and stakeholder ambitions to shape strategic plans and earnings forecasts which are evidence based and deliverable. 

  • Assessment, development and execution.

  • New business opportunity analysis and entry strategies.

  • Technology commercialisation.

  • Planning and forecasting.

  • KPI setting.

  • Due diligence on acquisitions or partners. 

  • Organisational design. 

Organisational Development.

Finally, we provide the blueprint to put your strategy into action, ensuring that the organisation is positioned to deliver over time by having the right resources, structure, team, KPI's and accountability to deliver and evolve the plan.

  • Optimal organisational structure.

  • Personnel skillset and experience requirements. 

  • Organisational effectiveness and performance management.

  • Professional development for key staff.

  • Transition, succession planning and implementation

Sector Expertise.

We have many decades of research and consulting experience across the global energy market, having worked with the major stakeholders across most energy sectors in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, FSU and Asia. 

  • Upstream Oil & Gas: Oilfield Services ("OFS")

  • Downstream and Petrochemicals

  • Midstream and transportation

  • Renewable power generation

  • Hydrogen

  • Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage ("CCUS")

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